Nutrition is Important

Stride Academy recognizes the importance of healthy food to full students’ bodies and brains. Lunches are prepared off site and catered in by our food vendor, New Horizon Foods.

In addition to meeting and exceeding USDA Federal guidelines, we have been working hard to provide new, healthier options and a greater variety to our students.  Meals standards include:

  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Larger variety of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes
  • Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grains
  • Sodium limits
  • Limits to the amount of added-sugar
  • Limited processed meats
  • Vegetarian options upon request

Students will have the option to pick between hot and healthy entree options being served and nutritious boxed salads featuring dark greens and other vegetables. Stride Academy strongly believes that lunches can be both healthy and delicious.

Breakfast is served as a grab ‘n go style. We are committed to helping students’ start their day off right with low sugar, whole grain options designed to help them fuel their bodies and minds.