Effective 7-1-2015


300-399                Wage and Salary Policies


  1. Attendance Incentive Policy


Absences by any staff person shifts workload to other staff and can be disruptive to the mission of STRIDE Academy Charter School. At the same time it is recognized that at times such absences are unavoidable. In an effort to minimize the impact of absences, STRIDE Academy Charter School shall provide all regularly assigned employees, an inventive for minimizing the number of absences. For purposes of this policy, an absence shall be any hours the employee is not at work during his/her scheduled time.


All regularly assigned employees who use 5 days or less of their Paid Time Off, based on their regularly scheduled hours per week, during the period of July 1st through June 30th will be eligible to receive and Attendance Incentive. The Attendance Incentive amount shall be $700 for regularly assigned employees working 36 hours or more per week, and $400 for regularly assigned employees working between 30 and 36 hours per week.

Time off due to a work related injury under our workers compensation plan will not be considered as used time off in reference to this policy. All applicable taxes shall be withheld from the Attendance Incentive.