Mission Statement: STRIDE Academy nurtures individuals while fostering leadership and empowering students to attain their highest potential in a family-centered environment.

In search of a way to provide a learning environment that gives every child the tools to succeed and reach their potential, the dream for STRIDE Academy began on napkins over pizza and pop in basements throughout the region. As longtime educators, the founders wanted to create a school that worked for every child – not the most advantaged or the smartest.

The founders wanted to help the at-risk students who were falling through the cracks in the traditional environment. Students like their youngest daughter who spent nights crying in frustration over school. She desired personalized attention that was almost impossible for any student to receive in her classroom of 35 students.

Committed to considering the complete student, STRIDE searched for the best research-based curriculum with proven results, employed the most innovative teaching techniques and tools and create a learning environment that would grow great kids.

In 2005, the dream became a reality when STRIDE Academy first opened its doors for students in K-5. The founders’ daughter was among the first group of students. Taking an unconventional approach to education, STRIDE assesses students and places them at their learning levels for each of the core subject areas. Each student receives an individualized learning plan and the tools to stay one step ahead.


Meet The Administration

STRIDE’s Multilingual Learners Language Plan

Today, STRIDE, independent school district #4142, is meeting the needs of a growing student body for grades K -8.

  • Small class sizes: on average 23 per class

  • Flexible grouping in math and reading based on student academics

  • Ongoing assessments

  • Art, Music, and PE for all K-8 students

  • Technology incorporated into the classrooms.