The purpose of the uniform policy is twofold. First it is functional: to minimize distraction and focus students’ attention on their work at s school image, which is proper and neat in appearance, reflecting the important nature of our enterprise.

Second it is philosophical: serving as a tool of character development (i.e., developing a sense of simplicity, dignity, integrity; understanding principles and how rules are connected to principles; making prudent decisions, etc.). Uniforms are a means to help all members of the school attend to the mission and vision of the school.



STRIDE Academy students are expected to be in uniform on a daily basis. (Administration may designate a limited number of non-uniform days.) It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child adheres to this policy. The administration will develop uniform guidelines that specify what items are appropriate for students at each stage. Teachers, with assistance from the administration, will enforce these guidelines.



A. When, in the judgment of the administration, mode of dress interferes with or disrupts the educational process or school activities, or poses a threat to the health or safety of the student or others, the student will be directed to make modifications or will be sent home for the day. Parents/guardians will be notified.

B. The administration may recommend a form of dress considered appropriate for a specific event and communicate the recommendation to students and parents/guardians.

C. Likewise, an organized student group may recommend a form of dress for students considered appropriate for a specific event and make such recommendation to the administration for approval.

D. When specific alteration is given for a limited purpose by administration, such as for any sporting event, administration will notify staff by email with specific dates and guidelines. Those shirts may then only be worn on STRIDE pride days.

E. All STRIDE Apparel is acceptable on Fridays and other identified days.

F. All STRIDE apparel must be approved by administration prior to selling, This process means the administration must approve the design before sending it to the vendor. All STRIDE apparel must be purchased through STRIDE Academy.