FAQs about STRIDE Academy

How is STRIDE different from other public schools in the area?

While STRIDE Academy is a publicly funded school, we operate separately from the local school district. As a result, we have more freedom to implement procedures and policies that will vary from the other public schools in the area, such as:

What kind of curriculum does STRIDE teach students?

STRIDE's curriculum is derived from the Core Knowledge© Foundation.  See our Curriculum for more details. 

What grade levels does STRIDE serve?

Currently, STRIDE serves students in grades K-8.

What is the class size at STRIDE?
One of the benefits of charter schools is small class sizes that encourage individualized attention for students.  In K-3 classrooms, enrollment will not exceed 22.  In 4-8 grade classrooms, classes will not exceed 26 students.

How and why do you cap enrollment?

We feel students learn better when the ratio of students to teachers is lower.  Because of this, we cap our enrollment to ensure the best academic experience for students.  When enrollment surpasses our cap, the Minnesota State Law requires we use a random lottery system to select students. 

How does transportation work for STRIDE students?

There are a few options:

  • District 742 provides STRIDE students with bussing within District limits.
  • STRIDE Academy provides free bussing within the City of Sauk Rapids

Parents are encouraged to work together to carpool and find transportation arrangements that work for their families. 

Transportation for STRIDE students is also available during the summer session (contact our front office for more information).

Do STRIDE students have to wear uniforms?

Yes.  Requiring uniforms in school enhances the learning environment, ensures and promotes school safety, and improves student discipline.

Are extracurricular activities offered at STRIDE Academy?

Yes!  Extracurricular activities that are offered after school allow students to take part in team building exercises, build confidence, and improve skills.  

Does STRIDE offer any foreign language programs?

STRIDE Academy offers Soanish as world language class.

How do I know what grade to put my student in if he/she is currently homeschooled?

At STRIDE, we find it best start the student in their age appropriate grade.  Teachers continually assess student's skills and determine educational changes and needs.  Together, teachers and parents will determine an individual learning plan, and the student will be placed where he/she is best deemed fit. 

What are STRIDE Academy's school hours?

School begins at 8:15 am (please do not drop students off before 7:45 am).  School ends at 3:05 pm. 

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