School Board Election Information
We will be holding the election for our school board on Thursday, May 14th from 7:30am to 6pm. Voting will take place at both campuses. You may vote at the site that is most convenient. Per charter school law, only parents and legal guardians of STRIDE students may vote, as well as STRIDE staff and board members. Listed below are the candidates.

     Barika Davis- Parent    Natalie Ringsmuth- Parent
     Dan Ford- Community Member     Kim Galazen- Parent

     Juanita Hechtel- Community Member              Jenny Justice- Community Member

     Melissa Medford- Parent                           James P.A. Morrighan- Parent


STRIDE Academy sprung from a desire to create an individualized learning environment that breaks down barriers and gives all students the tools to be successful. Using innovative teaching techniques and curriculum proven to foster results, STRIDE's passionate team of educators teach by ability, not age. STRIDE Academy provides real-life educational experiences that build a strong foundation in all core academic areas, foster leadership and lifelong success. By meeting each student's unique educational, emotional and social needs, students are empowered to become responsible life-long learners. 

Best of all, we are a a tuition-free school and open to every student.

MCA Testing Schedule

Grade 3 Math: March 17-March 24

Grade 3 Reading: April 24-May 1


Middle School by Homerooms:

April 8 & April 9th: Reading for Wilwerding, Ahmed, Leedahl, Griffith

April 10 & April 13: Reading for Maiers, Kirchner, Thole, Voss

April 14 & April 15: Reading for Burandt, Schwieters, Christensen, Leske

April 16 & April 17th: Math for Wilwerding, Ahmed, Leedahl, Griffith

April 20 & April 21: Math for Burandt, Schwieters, Christensen, Leske

April 22 & April 23: Math for Maiers, Kirchner, Thole, Voss

April 28 & April 29: Science for Maiers, Kirchner, Voss

April 30 & May 1: Science for Burandt and Schwieters


Apparel Ordering Information
1. Click HERE to access the ordering website.
2. Complete all fields to register and click "check out" (No Charge)
3. Click Online Ordering at the top of the screen
4. You are now ready to shop!

All items ordered by 2/28 will be delivered by 3/13.
All items ordered by 3/31 will be delivered by 4/15.
All items ordered by 4/30 will be delivered by 5/15.


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Paperwork for Kindergarten 2015/2016 Parents
Paperwork for Kindergarten 15/16 students that has not yet been turned in will be mailed home.


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